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blogathon 6:30

yes, we are still here. four of us, going strong. well, five, if you count our pit crew, but we've been letter her take naps since none of us really needed a gopher and she had a long day before she came here to help out. but the point is yes, we are still here. hallucinating slightly, having trouble connecting brain to words to fingers to type. or maybe that's just me. we're getting there. less than three hours now. i wish i could do something to make the time go faster but honestly, anything i can think of would only make me fall asleep more easily.

okay...i have to call it quits. sorry guys. i made it so far but i just can't make it any longer. thansk for all the support from everyone and i had a good time. if anything, this has made me more prepared to finish out next year.

blogathon 6:00 a.m.

getting closer to the end and ideas are not coming well. unfortunately, there's not much action here either as we are all pretty drained. luckily my husband just logged on from home and told me to post about backyardigans. so i'll post a little about zack and backyardigans.

i don't know if many people reading this (if there is anyone reading it) are familiar with this particular children's show, but it's a computer-animated cartoon about a little group of animal friends and they do all kinds of imaginative adventures with catchy songs and all that normal little kid stuff. zack ADORES this show, and honestly, me and my husband have become pretty big fans too. but zack is the backyardigans king. he memorizes entire episodes, including songs, and performs them for us randomly complete with accurate gestures and choreography. zack will practice a line several times in a row until he gets every bit of it right and it's adorable. he's very dramatic. maybe he'll be in theater some day.

three more hours. almost done.

blogathon 5:30 a.m.

i have...seven?...six?....more to blog entries to go. it's getting closer and we will finish this. it's harder not to fall asleep before entries now because we're not talking as much and now my eyes are starting to defocus all by themselves so i think i will have to leave the computer for a few minutes after this entry and try to fix them. slowly but surely we are making our way to that 24-hour goal. i think the rain stopped and the sun is rising...it's pretty. there's some thunder. nope, still raining. okay, this post is getting a little boring to the point of silliness now.

blogathon 5:00 a.m.

the last seven hours are definitely the slowest. i know the first fourteen hours felt like nothing. seriously, the day passed by ridiculously quickly. now we're all struggling to stay awake between entries. or some of us are just making long enough entries that we essentially never have to stop typing. that seems like an excellent idea but i can't do it. so here is your random entry for the half hour.

i don't know if the storm passed over or is just quieter than i expected. no power outages or anything...then again, i'm used to being in the boonies where we lose power constantly. so maybe it's different here. i'm looking forward to sleep time. yeah.

blogathon 4:30 a.m.

four and a half hours to go and we lost one teammate. poor flutterby1 just couldn't make it the rest of the way and that's okay, we still love her and are still very proud of her. i can see lightning in the distance when i stand on the porch...but it's pretty far. i can't hear any thunder. if it does get to us, hopefully it won't be until after 9 a.m. :)

since i posted a little about my stepdaughter and son, i think it's time to post about my daughter. no, my daughter is not autistic and does not have aspergers. as far as we know she is completely "normal", unless you count the fact that she can talk anyone under the table and is far too smart for her own good (but i'm told that's kinda normal for a seven-year-old). she is amazingly smart...and no, i'm not just saying that because i'm her mom. and i'm not really trying to brag, i'm just so proud of her. she's about to start second grade and she's already reading at least two grade levels ahead. she catches onto things quickly and loves to learn new things. she is a bookworm like me. she has a bit of a behavior problem and some bullying issues that we're working on but all in all i couldn't ask for a much better seven-and-a-half-year-old. i think one of the main reasons i have to mention her here is because she is amazing with her younger brother. zack knows his colors and shapes mostly because of her. she reads him doctor seuss books for HOURS at a time. they have the normal brother-and-sister squabbles here and there but overall she is so helpful and great with him that i really can't complain much.

the rain has started. it's thundering too. send us happy electricity vibes, please.
next year i'm really going to be much more organized for this...my friends/teammates have prepared lists of prompts and so-forth and it really seems to be a great idea. or if i could at least come up with a shtick for next year like some others i've been following...something to keep the flow. it's really a learning process, isn't it? this is my first blogathon, i don't know if i mentioned that. two of my teammates blogathoned last year as well (is there really a good conjugation for blogathon as a verb? there should be) and my other two teammates are first year blogathoners as well. (verb or noun or both? that is the true question). i haven't done an all-nighter in years, to be completely honest. and without a screaming baby to rock around, it's somehow different. sleep is more precious when you lose the option to choose it. yeah, that makes sense in my head but may not make sense to you and if it doesn't, i apologize. we have a really great one-woman pit crew here who has been supplying us with drinks, food, and general entertainment and it's been a real help. and of course the thought of how nice this futon is going to be when i can finally fall asleep on it is helpful as well.

blogathon 3:30 a.m.

i admit it, i really can't think of anything more to write right now. i think that i went as far as i could with the cat thing for now...although if i'm as intrigued with the idea in a few days as i was at two in the morning i might explore it at a later date, perhaps for nano. but honestly, i'm barely keeping the eyes open and forming real words on the keyboard right now. i am going to keep this up, keep blogging for my cause (go here to donate please), but i can't promise that i'll keep writing fiction. i'm just going to pretty much go with whatever pops into my head now since that's really all i'll be able to process.

i have an awesome team so if you're cheering me on please consider checking out my friends page and helping them out too. most of them are still keeping up the fiction writing which i give them major props for. they are what i want to be when i grow up.

38 down, 10 to go. just five more hours. we can do this.

blogathon 3:00 a.m.

it wasn't that ramdes didn't trust the newcomer...a lack of trust would imply an uncertainty to his intentions. ramdes knew what klios was up to. maybe not details or times or places or things, but he knew how klios was thinking because he had been here before. judgement time would come quickly and the board would pick through any inconsistencies and curtains he would use. it was just a matter of time and then he might become deported. ramdes had seen it before. it was always a learning experience to see the ones who put themselves on the highest pedestals come crashing down to the earth with the rest of them. he chuckled under his breath and stretched. just a matter of time...

blogathon 2:30 a.m.

klios didn't understand the point of the humans. they didn't teach, they didn't guide, they just listened and talked to them. tesla and the one that they called rachel tried to teach him their language but he didn't understand why he should be bothered with it. as he saw it, with their primitive fuel sources and transportation devices. he can't learn anything from them, and as long as he was trapped in this form they wouldn't learn anything from him, if they were capable of learning.

he couldn't trust ramdes, which was a bad instinct to have with one's guardian. that one would follow klios around in and out and if he wasn't physically following him, klios could feel those eyes on him. he missed his extrasensory abilities and cursed this new, diminished form he was stuck with for at least a month and a year. and what about the board? who did they consist of, or what? would they question his intentions, his purpose? would that slow the journey to klios' final goal?

blogathon 2:00 a.m.

rachel didn't really learn about her gift until she was thirteen, the same age her mother had been and her aunt and her grandmother. of course, even before then she had heard their voices and songs...but her mother had explained them away as child's play.

the songs were her favorite thing to fall asleep to. some nights, if tesla wasn't studying or working with klios, she would sing softly to rachel for hours and rachel would get so caught up in the ghostly melodies and foreign words that tesla would finally have to stop so that they could both get some sleep.

and the stories they told...ramdes could talk for hours about the first battle between the slos and the griffs, the monuments that they built in honor of the fallen, the weaponry, the armor. tesla reminisced about all of the creatures that had existed in her world - flays, who were delicate, beautiful, fast, and hunted for their wings....hambits, who were used for travel and work, the size of a small dog with a leathery grey hide like an elephant and the strength of several workhorses.

klios was the hardest worker, though. he would steal tesla away for hours to pour over the books in the library, or walk into the woods and study the plants, or late at night to discuss astronomy and astrology.